Create your own vintage cutting board.

Hello! Today with our first post we want to share with you a very easy way to create your own vintage cutting board for your food photography. Old, used boards looks always awesome in food photography works and there is nothing difficult to make a cutting board by yourself.

So what we need to start ? 

  1. Paintbrush.
  2. Stain for wood.
  3. Steel brush.
  4. Portable blowtorch.
  5. Knife.
  6. And some Love!
First of all you need to get a new cutting board. Be careful, and read how to use your portable blowtorch before using, it’s very important! Now, take your blowtorch and slowly begin to work on the surface of the board. Don’t stay on the same place, move the fire all around the board. You will see how the board begin change color. Don’t try to burn it too fast, a better result can be achieved when you slowly burn the surface.


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