The story of "The Sea".


Studio Lighting Setup Step By Step.

Without a doubt, one of our images always tends to attract more attention than the rest and I would agree, in fact that the creation of this photograph was executed like none of our others to date. We love to create portraits yet we seldom ever think about the specifics of the shoot beforehand. This is largely because we never know what the mood and/or nature of the model might be ... therefore we leave that part to the moment when we meet with them. Yet this image, I saw it in my a head long time before we created it. We call this one, "The Sea".

So we decided to create a step by step 'instructional' about how we did it and attempt to convey the lighting and the overall technique of creating. We have prepared preview images of each step to explain how we're working with the light in the studio so that you may visualize and comprehend the process far batter than simply through text alone.

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