Long exposure.

I would like to share with you a new studio lighting setup with a wonderful effect giving to the image more charm. I shall not plunge into details of studio lighting setup, as it is very simple and consists only from two light sources: a softbox, placed in parallel to the floor over the model’s face, and a snoot, directed to the background. I would like to share with you the way I managed to create a purple glowing on this picture. While Julia was putting on make-up to the model, my eyes caught a screensaver on my Mac Book Pro, most likely you saw it many times. It is called Mac’s Flurry Screensaver, you can take a look at Youtube. I liked the colors very much and the way they were glowing and I thought why not mix the colors and not use a notebook’s monitor as the third light source? Why not?

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Schematic .PSD - Lighting Diagrams.


We begin to move our previous posts, but we will keep only the most interesting post from our old blog, posts with the highest number of comments.

And we start with a little .PSD file that we prepared with Julia specially for all. We hope that it can be very useful to you when you want to share a lighting setup with your friends. on your blog or you site for example.


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