Schematic .PSD - Lighting Diagrams.


Step by step we begin to move our previous posts, but we'll keep only the most interesting post from our old blog, posts with the highest number of comments.

And we start with a little .PSD file that we prepared with Julia specially for all. We hope that it can be very useful to you when you want to share a lighting setup with your friends, on your blog or you website for example.

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Schematic .PSD - Lighting Diagrams :

Schematic .PSD - Lighting Diagrams.

The .PSD contains separate layers including: Background system / Grid / Model / Octoboxes / Camera / Softboxes / Strip Softboxes / Ringflash / Strobes / Umbrellas / Reflectors / Beauty Dish / Camera Flash / Continuous lighting / Panels / Notes


If you think that we missed something or you can’t see something that you use in this file, contact us and we will try to keep this file updated for you all. You can see examples of this file in action in our blog very soon.